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Content Writing

Boost Rankings and Improve Conversions With Better Content

If you want search engines to take notice of your website, you need to focus on filling it with high-quality content. Having a small static brochure website is not going to be enough for good search engine optimisation. Website visitors will expect regular updates of well written and relevant content to keep them engaged. If writing is not your strong point, then we can help you stand out online with our content marketing services.

Content marketing is the term used for creating and sharing online material. There are lots of different ways to publish and distribute content online. We can help with writing website copy, company blogs, newsletters, press releases and copy for social media marketing. Whatever your business, our experienced team of writers can write relevant and engaging copy for your readers.

There are lots of advantages to using content marketing in your business. High-quality copy is great for SEO and allows you to target niche audiences which you can inform, persuade or entertain. You don’t need to have a large business to use content marketing, and it can be an extremely cost-effective form of advertising. All you need is a website and/or social media pages to publish and share your content.

It has been estimated that as many as 4 million blog posts are written every day. Therefore, to stand out, your content needs to be targeted and well thought out. We can help you to define your audience, choose relevant topics, write engaging copy, and distribute via the web, social media and email. With careful planning and execution, we can get your voice heard.

Content Writing

Content Writing – What We Can Do:

To write high quality and authentic content for you, we need to take time to understand your business and your marketing goals. If you haven’t set any goals yet then when can help with this part too! As every content writing project is different, we invoice our time on an hourly basis based on the work you want us to do. We can agree timings in advance so you know how much you are spending and what you will receive from us. Here is a list of typical content writing services we undertake:

– Create a content marketing strategy/plan tailored to your business.
– Brainstorm ideas for new articles and website pages.
– Conduct keyword research to identify high traffic opportunities for content writing.
– Research and write copy for your web pages, blogs, newsletters, press releases, and social media posts.
– Optimise new or existing website copy for focus SEO keywords whilst maintaining the audiences user experience.
– Assess and optimise readability of text, making it easy to understand for an online audience.
– Analyse the writing style of content to ensure it matches search intent to improve conversion rates.
– Check written materials for grammar, spelling, style, and punctuation.

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