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Keyword Research

Find the Keywords Your Audience Use to Find Businesses like Yours

If you are serious about SEO then keyword research should be your first consideration. Keyword research is about determining which search terms your audience uses. You also need to find the search terms you are most likely to rank highly for. Keyword research is particularly important to businesses in highly competitive industries or where much of your business is done via the internet. It delivers highly engaged search traffic to relevant pages on your website.

Many businesses assume that they instinctively know the best keywords to use. However, there are many considerations, such as:


– Does my audience search using the keywords we have chosen?
– Are my keywords too generic?
– How much traffic do my current keywords get?
– How much competition is there for each keyword?
– Have you overlooked keywords with high traffic potential?
– Which keywords am I most likely to rank highly for?
– How do I implement my keyword strategy across my website?


If you don’t have the answers to all of these questions then it may be time to consider our keyword research service.

How We Adopt Keyword Research

We begin by looking at your company mission statement, what makes you special and who you are up against. We will need a little help from you to get started, but with this, we will be able to draft a list of the head, seed and longtail keywords. Once we have this, we determine search volumes and competition for each keyword to assess your best ranking opportunities. We provide our findings in a report alongside advice on how to implement across your website and measure your success.

If you are savvy enough to invest in keyword research, then no doubt you will be thinking hard about your overall SEO strategy. Once we have a chosen list of keywords, we can complete on-page optimisation for relevant blogs and website pages. If you need help creating these then we offer  services too. Read more on all our Search Engine Optimisation services to see how else we can help.

Keyword Research in Hastings, East Sussex

Our Keyword Research Service – What We Do:

At FreshOnline we take time to understand your company so we can deliver the best keyword research to you. If you have an existing website we can analyse which of your current keywords are delivering and which are not. We can also identify lucrative traffic opportunities from new search terms you previously overlooked. If you are about to build a new website, then we can help you design the site around your keyword research so you start maximising your search potential from the very start.


– Identify head keywords in line with your services, USPs and mission statement.

– Research and draft a list of seed and longtail keywords used by search engine users

– Research competition for suggested keywords to identify opportunities

– Determine potential traffic and the likelihood of conversion for all keywords

– Document a keyword implementation strategy for you to follow.

– Give advice on using keyword synonyms within your content

– Explain how to matching web page content with search intent.

– Demonstrate how to analyse keyword performance

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