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Site Speed Optimisation

Improve User Experience & SEO by Reducing Your Website’s Load Time

Site Speed Optimisation improves the speed at which your website loads up when a visitor clicks on one of your web pages. The faster your site loads, the better your user experience and the higher your search engine rankings. Website speed is one of the few factors that Google admits is an actual ranking factor. Today’s website visitor is also impatient and if your website is taking more than a few seconds to load on their device, they are more likely to lose interest or click away to another faster site. For these reasons we place a high importance on site and page speed and can help you improve the speed of your WordPress website.


Search Engine rankings are based on many factors and if you are serious about getting website traffic from Google then site speed optimisation should be one piece in a wider SEO strategy.


At FreshOnline we believe in holistic SEO and offer a range of services to ensure you have all your bases covered. Our keyword research and on-page SEO services will help gain traffic from relevant search terms. Our local SEO service will optimise for local customers. Use all these services together to maximise your rankings potential and overtake your competitors.

Site Speed Optimisation

How We Speed up Your Website with Site Speed Optimisation

At FreshOnline we pride ourselves on understanding WordPress websites and how to make them load faster. We have spent many hours testing numerous plugins, technical configurations and techniques to better understand how best to speed up your website.  Here is the technical bit showing exactly what we do for our site speed optimisation service:


– Image optimisation on all images to reduce the size and speed up load time.
– Setup free Cloudflare account to protect and accelerate your website.
– WordPress optimisation and page caching.
– Enabling Browser Caching, and GZip Compression.
– Lazyload images so only loaded as visitor scrolls down the page.
– Optimise MYSQL Database to streamline the database.
– HTML, CSS & Javascript minification and optimisation.
– Google font optimisation to reduce the number of HTTP requests for the fonts.
– Defer loading of JavaScript files and code to reduce the first load time for your website.

from: £150

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