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Web Hosting

Securing your platform & functionality

Secure web hosting platforms & services are essential for showcasing and protecting your data. Today’s browsers demand a website experience that is safe, quick to download and easy to explore, so giving this to them makes sense.

Your FreshOnline hosting environment will be built around your business’s specific needs. Your dedicated hosting manager will protect and monitor your data and deliver updates and maintenance to ensure a seamless visitor experience, with every click & scroll.

WordPress website hosting services.

Standard Hosting

Perfect for small ‘brochure’ websites, no more than 5 pages.


Business Hosting

Superfast hosting, ideal for complex and e-commerce websites, no more than 12 pages.


Premium Hosting

Superfast hosting, ideal for large complex and e-commerce websites.


**All hosting plans are billed annually in advance. VAT will be added at the current rate.

Need help choosing the right hosting package?

Frequently asked questions.

Do you offer hosting to websites not built by FreshOnline?2022-02-21T12:18:21+00:00

If we have not been fortunate enough to build your website for you, we can still host it! We offer hosting for any WordPress website be it big or small. We can help you to migrate your website over from your previous provider.

How do I pay for hosting services?2022-02-21T12:17:49+00:00

All of our web hosting packages are billed annually in advance. You will receive an invoice at the start of your hosting period, which we ask you to settle within 7 days. All prices are subject to VAT at the standard rate.

Do I need a maintenance & health check plans for my website?2022-11-22T16:15:15+00:00

There is no requirement to take out a maintenance and health check plan, but we would strongly advise that you keep your website updated.

We build websites using the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) using a WordPress theme and several plugins. WordPress releases regular updates to its CMS. Plugins and themes also require regular updates to fix bugs and patch security loopholes. Research shows that out-of-date plugins are the most common way for hackers to infiltrate a WordPress site.

As standard, we won’t check your website for any updates or errors. We would therefore recommend you ensure the CMS, theme, and plugins are kept up to date to ensure the site stays secure and functions well.

Does hosting have any effect on SEO?2022-02-21T12:16:36+00:00

Although web hosting doesn’t have a direct impact on search engine rankings, the speed of your website does! Google and other search engines place value on websites that are fast. More importantly, if your website does not load quickly it provides a bad user experience for your customers. This increases the chances of people navigating away from your website, having a detrimental effect on how Google sees and ranks it. Our premium hosting is perfect for users who care about SEO for their website. It provides a super fast and stable platform for your website to run.

What is an SSL certificate?2022-02-21T12:16:14+00:00

An SSL certificate is a way of ensuring a secure and safe connection between the user’s web browser and the server. It provides a way of encrypting every item of data that is sent to and from the server. For example, when someone purchases something on the internet using their credit or debit card, all of their bank details will be securely transmitted. Stopping any malicious attempts to acquire them. If a website has a valid SSL certificate this can usually be identified by a small padlock icon preceding the web address. It will also display ‘https://’ as opposed to ‘http://’.

What is the difference between web hosting & domain names2022-02-21T12:15:49+00:00

Although closely related to each other, a lot of people mistakenly identify domain names and hosting as being one and the same thing. Both are required in order to make websites possible. A domain name is what people type into the address bar in their internet browser to view your website. Whereas a hosting service is a place where your website is stored. The domain name acts as an address for the website much the same as a house would have an address that it can be located by.

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