Does My Business Need Online Advertising

Does My Business Need Online Advertising?

Does your business need online advertising? We look at why you should consider using it and some popular methods you can try.

Many businesses invest a proportion of their marketing budget in paid online advertising. Pay Per Click (PPC) is a popular method of internet advertising used to drive traffic to your website or a landing page. You pay every time a user clicks on your advert. You can usually set the time frame and budget of your advert in advance. The cost you pay per click is often determined by how engaging your advert is and how competitive the ‘search term’ or industry you are operating in is. In this article, we look at why you should consider online advertising and popular methods you can try.

Why should you consider online advertising?

If you are looking to generate new customer leads online, sponsored / PPC marketing is one of the best ways to ensure success. Here’s why:

– Organic reach of social media posts is falling and therefore you are more likely to win new customers by using sponsored advertising.
– Online advertising allows you to compete on an even playing field with other more established businesses. It does not matter how mature your social profiles are or how many followers you have.
– PPC is a great way to get fast results and immediate traffic to your website. You can set up a campaign and expect click-throughs on the same day. You choose your time frame and budget.
– You can focus in on a targeted audience or specific keywords. Platforms such as Facebook have in-depth parameters by which to define your perfect customer, making sure your advert is seen by the right people.
– Sponsored advertising allows you to reach potential prospects outside your existing networks, making it a far more effective way of attracting new customers.
– Ad platforms such as Facebook and Google Adwords come with advanced analytics allowing you to track results and hone your campaigns as you go for the best return on investment.

Types of online advertising.

Paid search:

Paid search is the process of optimising adverts, services and other content around certain keywords and phrases. This allows you to target specific search terms that your customers use to find specific products or services.

Social media advertising:

Sponsoring content or using advertising to boost the presence of your website or page through a social media platform; this is opposed to posting free content. Paid social media advertising allows you to reach new customers outside of your existing followers. Each platform offers a range of tools to define your audience. You can then choose your budget and how long you want your campaign to run.

Display advertising:

Some websites offer others the chance to create a display advert which can be viewed by their visitors. It is usually linked so that they can click through to your website or landing page. Look for good-quality local or industry-specific websites which you think are used by your ideal customers. You should always try and negotiate down quoted prices and run a trial before committing to a long-term contract.


Getting your business listed in local directories could be a good way to attract new customers. Some directory listings will be free; however, it is also worth considering higher quality directories which you need to pay for, or taking a premium listing for a higher fee if it will make you stand out from other similar businesses. Backlinks from good quality directories can also help your SEO. Do your research find all the options before shortlisting which you will invest in.

A fresh approach to online advertising.

The team at FreshOnline have a wealth of experience in managing online advertising campaigns for customers. We can execute pay per click campaigns across all popular social media networks and search engines. By combining our understanding of each platform and our “test and measure” approach to advert optimisation, we ensure you get an excellent return on investment for your advertising budget. Get in touch to find out more about how we can manage your sponsored campaigns.