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Email Marketing

Send better emails & keep in touch with your customers.

Campaign Management

Campaign management.

Professionally designed HTML email templates and campaigns to help you reach out to new and existing customers.

Email Consultancy

Email consultancy.

Communicate better within your business and to customers. We offer a complete range of business email consultancy services.

Mailchimp training.

Learn how to create and execute your own email campaigns. Our Mailchimp training teaches how to take control of your own email marketing.

Start sending better marketing emails today!

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Email marketing services.

FreshOnline offer email marketing services to small and medium-sized businesses. From our offices in Hastings, we serve customers across Sussex, Kent and London. We help our clients set up and run email marketing campaigns and get the best use out of their business email.

Staying compliant with GDPR.

Email marketing is a powerful tool in your online marketing portfolio. It can help you communicate with your customer base. However, as a business owner, you need to be aware that data protection rules have recently changed. Therefore it is important to ensure your business doesn’t fall foul of the regulations. FreshOnline combines the technical expertise and professional advice you need to maximise your engagement through email whilst staying compliant.

Keep in touch with your customers.

Our email marketing services are designed to give you help where you need it most. We can design and execute email marketing campaigns for you or teach you how to do it yourself using MailChimp. We can also help you grow and manage your marketing lists whilst remaining GDPR compliant. If you don’t yet have proper business email accounts or are scaling up, we can advise on best practice. Marketing automation may also help you to respond to customers quickly whilst reducing your administration costs. In summary, we can help your business with all things related to email!

Working with you to send better email.

Every business is different and there is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to email marketing. We help clients large and small to make a difference in their sales turnover and website traffic by using email effectively. We take time to understand your business and then apply our mix of technical and marketing expertise to help you make the most of opportunities.

  • Email templates.

  • Execute campaigns.

  • Business email.

  • GDPR consultation.

  • Email automation.

  • Mailchimp training.

Why your business needs email marketing.

  • Value for money.

Email marketing is a very low-cost form of digital marketing that can bring excellent results.

  • Repeat business.

Emails are a great way to encourage repeat purchases and promote other services that you offer.

  • Target passive leads.

Turn old leads that are not actively looking into customers with a timely marketing email that catches their attention.

  • Reconnect with old enquiries.

Just because an old enquiry didn’t take on your services before, it doesn’t mean they won’t be interested in the future.

  • Update customers quickly.

Quickly communicate offers, new products and news updates to your entire marketing list at the touch of a button.

  • Long-term marketing.

The effectiveness and return on your email campaigns will continue to increase over time as your marketing lists grow.

Frequently asked questions.

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