Email Consultancy

Communicate effectively with your customers and colleagues.

Are you looking to communicate better within your business and to your customers? As part of our Email Marketing services, we offer more general business consultancy related to business email, GDPR and some of the technical issues which our customers often need help with to improve their email systems.

Business email.

If your business has a website, you most likely have a personalised domain name (i.e, but do you also use this domain for your business email? Too many small businesses still use personal email services such as Gmail and Hotmail. If you want to look professional, you should have a business email address that uses your business’ domain name. This will make your brand appear more professional, instilling confidence in your customers. Hosted business email services such as Office 365 and G-Suite also provide a range of business apps, storage and collaboration tools which allow you to run your business on any device and scale up as your business grows. At FreshOnline we provide consultancy to help you choose the right platform and get all your devices set up and working, so you can carry on with the day job.

GDPR compliance.

With the introduction of new data protection regulations (GDPR), businesses need to understand how to manage their email communications and data usage. At FreshOnline we can offer advice and practical help to ensure your business is GDPR compliant. If you have a WordPress website, we can ensure your website sign up forms are compliant and create privacy and cookie policies. We can also help you to build GDPR compliant marketing lists and send email marketing campaigns.

Email & GDPR Consultancy

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Email Setup

Email setup.

Everything to get your business email up and running and intergated with exisiting services.

GDPR consultancy.

Ensure your campaigns are GDPR compliant and following the latest emil marketing guidelines.

Automation concept as an innovation, improving productivity, reliability and repeatability in technology and business processes.

Email automation.

Streamline your email services and reduce the reccuring manual administration tasks.