Why is Branding Important to a Small Business?

Why is Branding Important to a Small Business?

We all have major brands we trust to buy from. Branding is just as important for small business and crucial to any lucrative marketing strategy.

Whether you are a physiotherapist, bespoke cake artist, retailer or any other small sized business, branding is crucial to a lucrative marketing strategy. In this article, we will let you know all about branding why it is important for a small business.

What is Branding?

Branding is the promotion of a company and/or product by creating a name, symbol, and distinctive design. This should represent your company’s ethos and mission statement. Your design should be easily identifiable and distinguished from other services available. This can then make it a clear decision for the audience as to why you are the better choice when comparing services.

The emotional relationship between you and your customer can be represented through your brand identity. Your business personality can be highlighted throughout all aspects of a business, from a logo to all social media accounts. The branding should be an honest depiction of the company, what you stand for and how you want this to be perceived. This can equate to new business or increased brand awareness.

Company Identity

A professional and memorable brand should start by creating a logo. This will become the ‘face’ of your business. It is important that the logo is used consistently on all promotional products and on your website through to all social media pages.

Keeping your customer in mind is crucial. What are their needs and wants? How can you address these? Your brand identity is the first thing your customers will see. In order to connect with them, it is important, to be honest, and authentic. Customers will, therefore, feel cared for and will care back. When customers then buy your service they will feel they buy into a brand they connect with on a personal level.

Build Brand Loyalty and Trust

A strong, consistent strategy with a professional brand identity can help a boost the value or your business. This can build trust with potential and existing customers, by giving the company more prestige within the industry. Being easily identifiable makes it easier for customers to remember, recognize and recommend you and your services.

Potential customers will feel at ease when reaching out to a business this is professionally branded. This will mirror the way the business is handled and gives off the impressions that the creator is an industry expert.

Stand Out, Get Ahead of Competition and be Consistent

The companies identity creates an overview of any products and/or services offered. Alongside this, advertising is also a crucial element. When advertising it is important to carefully consider the medium and target audience you want to reach. The logo can also be applied to products such as presentation folders, posters, packaging etc. This helps to easily and subtly spread the word, whilst standing out from competitors who may not have realised this is an option.

Branding Inspires Employees

Employees will have pride in their work and what they do if they have a good understanding of the mission statement. Consequently, they will then be more likely to work towards the same goal that the business owner has set. A strong brand identity which is reputable with the public can also result in employees feeling more fulfilled and proud. Therefore, they enjoy their roles to a higher standard.

A Fresh Approach to Branding

In conclusion, understanding your business ethics and unique selling points will help us to establish which design and branding service will suit you best. We are always happy to have a chat, to help discuss any of our graphic design services. Please contact us to see how creating a brand identity can help improve your business and captivate your target audience.