Pay Per Click Marketing

Targeted & measured online ad campaigns.

Pay-By-Click campaigns work in three distinct ways; they drive new traffic to your website, increase footfall and conversions, and raise your brand visibility on search engines. Plus, you can monitor the success of every ad campaign, click by click. Generating new customers has never been so easy!

At FreshOnline, we take time to understand what sets you apart from your competition to form a robust Pay-By-Click campaign that delivers against your goals. Carefully monitored and honed throughout, we’ll ensure your sponsored ad campaign delivers tangible results to demonstrate a clear return on your investment.

Ad campaigns that drive new leads and increase sales.

Paid search / Google Ads.

Target the keywords your customers use most.

Paid search marketing focuses targets the search terms that your potential customers use to search Google and other search engines. You pay for each click, dependent on the competition for the keyword you target and how engaging your advert is. We identify the best value-for-money keywords to target and couple this with a carefully drafted ad copy that will speak to your audience and encourage conversions.

Paid per click marketing
Paid Social

Paid social / Facebook Ads.

Increase your reach with targeted campaigns.

Facebook is a social media powerhouse and a great place to advertise your business. With ongoing updates to algorithms, as little as 5-10% of your organic followers could be seeing your posts. Facebook Ads can ensure you reach prospects at every stage of the buying cycle. We can run a full range of campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Meta’s network to get your business seen. Our expertise can help target and engage your ideal customer and reduce your cost per engagement.

Online advertising.

Professional designs that will draw attention.

If you are going to pay to advertise your business online, you need to ensure your advert is going to stand out. Our graphic designers can work with you to produce high-quality images suitable for any online advertising opportunity. We can create custom graphics or images to specified dimensions so that you have a professionally designed advert for your promotion.

paid vs organic search