Paid Advertising

The Benefits of Using Paid Advertising

Increasing your online visibility is one of a number of benefits of PPC advertising.

There is a broad range of actions that can be taken to optimise your SEO. But with the decline in organic reach online it can be challenging for businesses to attract an active online client base. Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is essentially an online advertisement system where you pay per click on the advert. Paid Advertising is a swift route to pushing your content to appear in front of a new or uncaptured audience at a rapid rate.

Increasing your online visibility is one of a number of benefits of PPC advertising. This can be done via search engine advertisements, or specifically on social media platforms. Both have unique benefits, and when used in tandem they can be very effective to helping you to achieve your goals.

Google ads

Google ads are broad in their ability to help you to rank in a number of ways and locations. From placing you in a high rank position in the SERPs (search engine results pages), to embedding your advert in videos and across the Google Display Network, the idea is for your advert to display to the right users in a variety of places online.

Google ads are query based in how they display to users. For example, if a user were to search for cake decorating products, if you were running an ad campaign about a cake decorating kit, the algorithm may recognise your ad as relevant to the users search query and display your ad to the user in key locations. When setting up your campaign, you are asked to outline your budget, target audiences and demographics, as well as if there are any key search terms which you hope to appear under. When your advert is clicked by a user, Google charges you for this click.

What is Social PPC?

Pay Per Click digital advertising has evolved to become an established method of focused advertising on Social Media Platforms. With the plethora of people browsing Social Media sites every day, the ability to harness these platforms for online advertising is incredibly valuable. Most social media platforms, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and even Tiktok, have a paid advertisement service. The ads will display in the social media “feed” or “timeline”, and can be pushed to specific types of users.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads allow you to target users who may identify with your advertisements content. If the algorithm identifies users based on your ad specification and content, it then displays your Facebook ad in the users newsfeed.

Having a clear objective, such as raising brand awareness, selling your unique products and services or increasing your website traffic, can help the algorithm to clarify who to push your ad to in the users newsfeed. Format, target audience and budget can also be input as well. Twitter ads work very similarly to Facebook ads, but with more objectives to outline, such as raising engagement, gaining followers and increasing the number of times an app is installed.

Facebook has also developed its advertising beyond its own platform. By running ads through Facebook, you can also create adverts for the other social media platforms owned by Facebook. With Facebook Ad Manager, you can run your advertisements across other associated platforms, such as Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network. This can help to streamline the management of your ads across platforms, saving time and effort which can be dedicated to your many other business endeavors.

Linkedin Ad

Linkedin is a social media hub for making business connections. The opportunity to advertise to professionals and companies in high volume is accessible and perfect for this particular platform. Marketing on a local level, as well as internationally, is valuable, offering the ability to sell to, partner and collaborate with Linkedin’s professional audience. If making business connections and opportunities for your company is a priority for your company’s strategy or for an individual campaign, Linkedin is an ideal platform to focus your advertisements on.

Why should I run a PPC campaign?

There is a rise in the popularity of paid advertisement. Online demand is stable, and growing as the ability to sell to user groups is simplified. But why should you run a PPC campaign?


Lead time to getting new customers is far quicker with paid advertising due to your extended reach online.

Value for money

For the number of people your ad is exposed to online, PPC is great value for money.

Consider how much a customer is worth to you. A singular purchase from a customer may only be worth, for example, £50 as a one-off. However, if this customer became a regular customer, they could be worth hundreds to you each year. A well-executed PPC campaign is an excellent investment.

Target Specific Audience

The ability to specify your preferred audiences is a fantastic benefit of PPC advertising. Targeting the vast variety of people online liking, commenting, sharing and showcasing their interests online and on social media platforms increases your advertisement’s chances of being seen by the right people at a time when they are looking to engage with their interests (e.g., when they log into their social media accounts). It is also possible to market to people who have recently liked your content, or completely new users who have not yet interacted with your content at all.

Highlight an offer

Focusing on user groups with a special or limited-time offer is made simple through the parameters that can be set for your ad campaign, such as user demographic or location, previous viewers or visitors, or via defined keywords related to your ad. Establishing who you would ideally like to see your adverts helps the system to then help you reach the users who meet your desired requirements (e.g., demographic, interest in your type of product or industry, etc).

How do I optimise my PPC ad?

There are many ways to do this. Outlining your ad campaign strategy and understanding your ideal demographic can make all the difference to your success. Monitoring what is bringing results and adjusting accordingly is also an important part of the process. At FreshOnline, we have invested time and investment into understanding how to approach keywords sector to sector, as well as the ins and outs of how best to execute a lucrative and successful PPC campaign. Get in touch if you would like to discuss how FreshOnline can help you with your PPC campaigns.

Will my advert stand out?

With paid digital advertising your company is in a more level playing field. If you have paid for the advertising, larger or potentially more established companies with their own client bases are showcased just as much as your possibly newer or smaller business. The content of your advert is important, but your online visibility has a greater reach with PPC advertising.

Final advice

PPC advertising (when executed strategically) is an excellent tool to drive potential clients and customers to your website, app, products and services. Remember not to forget optimising your landing page so that once users have clicked on your ad, the landing page they are then taken to is user friendly, visually appealing and provides your target audience with the information they may need or wish to see to give you the results you desire. Your ad campaign may be very effective, but if you do not have anything in place to interest your audience once they have clicked into your ad, you may not achieve your overall goals. Do not forget the purpose of these ads and try to approach your key objectives holistically.