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6 Reasons We Love WordPress

WordPress is a beginner-friendly platform, offering responsive and mobile-friendly websites with vast features and improved SEO, making it ideal for small businesses.

It can be tough choosing where to manage your website’s content if you’re unaware of what sets one content management system apart from another. With so many options and features available, the information can be quite overwhelming if you’ve never dealt with anything relating to building or managing a website.

Thankfully, we have. So we’ve outlined what WordPress does, and why we love it.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system, or ‘CMS’ for short, that allows users to add, change, and generally manage content on their website.

WordPress has long been a favourite for everyone, ranging from beginners starting their first business website and blog, all the way to web designers. So, what makes WordPress so good?

WordPress is free.

They say all the best things in life are free, and we’re hard pushed to disagree. When such a powerful, yet simple management tool is at your disposal at no cost whatsoever, it’s hard to argue.

While WordPress has no cost attached to it, there are two things you need in order to install it: a domain name and web hosting. This is a typical setup and does not cost very much to get started.

Your domain name is your website’s address and what people will see or type in when searching for your site using the URL. Web hosting is where the files for your site are stored. Once those are set up, it’s completely free to install WordPress and get going!

User friendly and great for beginners.

It’s as simple as a click. You don’t need any training or technical knowledge to get started, and you can have a simple, functional website running within minutes.

There is an easy setup process which includes adding your website’s name, choosing your theme and generally selecting visual elements to give you something to edit and refine as you go.

As you become more familiar with the platform, you will be able to add and edit more complex elements, tailoring your website to work just how you want it.

You can add as many posts and pages as you like straight away. Pages are static elements of your website, containing information which will remain the same; such as a contact page. Posts, on the other hand, are what contribute to a blog, so you can add in your latest news at the drop of a hat.

Highly customisable and media-friendly.

There are so many ways to customise your website using WordPress. For starters, there are thousands of website templates available completely free and a diversity that spans every kind of website, whether it’s a business, shop or portfolio.

Each of these templates, or themes, come with their own customisations and instructions, making it easy to add your own logo, colours and branding.

You can further customise your site by using plugins. These take on a more technical role, allowing you to add more advanced features such as analytics or a custom contact form.

Adding media to WordPress could not be easier. The platform supports anything from Instagram photos to youtube videos. Uploading and adding your own media from your desktop is a breeze with their simple, built-in uploader.

Easy to manage.

While you may be able to create your website using WordPress, its primary function is to manage the content on your website. As your website will have features and plugins that require regular updates, WordPress has included a system which automatically updates these for you.

WordPress also has an app which allows you to add and edit aspects of your site on the go! This is an excellent feature, as it provides an even simpler platform for you to use without having to load a laptop or sit at the desktop.

WordPress is SEO friendly.

WordPress websites are great for your search engine optimisation (SEO) and are great for ranking on google. If you don’t know anything about SEO, it’s the strategies you implement in order to rank higher on google.

WordPress gives you a head start by being SEO friendly from the get-go, which means they’re more likely to rank higher on google.

Of course, there’s a lot more to it than that if you really want to be more visible online. Good search engine optimization means adding high-quality content to your site, this will increase your visibility and potential for new customers. To get you started, we’ve identified 7 Ways to Improve Your On-Page SEO.

WordPress provides security.

Security is often overlooked, but down the line will be integral to keeping your data safe. Thankfully, WordPress has your security in mind, and have taken steps to ensure their platform is as tamper-free as possible.

However, as we know, an intruder determined on entering may still find a way, which is why WordPress has gone the extra mile and ensured website owners can take added precautions to keep their data safe.

This includes the ability to install free security plugins which will protect against malware, and those trying to hack into your site.

In summary.

Further to the above, WordPress also has an extensive online support community, where users can ask for help and have their questions answered. With more than 30% of websites powered by WordPress, this is a community built on a genuine inclination and involvement with WordPress.

This, coupled with all of the platform’s exceptional features, customisation, ease-of-use and more, makes it a natural choice when choosing a content management system for your website. If you’re still unsure, we have some Considerations When Planning Your Website that you may want to think about.

A fresh beginning and no limitations.

While WordPress has a lot to offer, there is only so far you can go on free templates. For example, you may want a specific design or feature that only a premium template or a professional hand may offer. If you’re still considering whether to do it yourself or hire a professional, we’ve outlined the differences between a DIY Website Vs Professional Website.

Our best advice would be to get in touch and have a pressure-free chat about what would be right for you. Whether you decide to go it alone or have us do the work for you, we’re always pleased to discuss new projects and share ideas.