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Is Your Website Blog Being Neglected?

Does your website have a blog? We take a look at why you should have a blog on your website and why keeping it up to date is so important.

If you run a website that has a blog or news section, this article is for you. We will take a look at why you should have a blog on your website and why keeping it up to date is so important. We will also share some strategies to help you avoid it falling into neglect.

Does Your Website Need a Blog?

If you are interested in gaining customers from search engine traffic, then blogging is a great SEO strategy. Writing blogs allows you to target far more keywords which your customers may use to search. You can also use blogs to rank higher for ‘long tail keywords’ about particular niches within your industry. By targeting these less competitive keywords, you’re more likely to rank higher and get more clicks. Having a blog also gives you more content to market out via your social media and email marketing campaigns. Customers are more likely to return to your website and stay longer if there is regular fresh content to read. Google monitors how often you update your site and how often users stay on your website, and ranks you accordingly. Therefore, a blog can be a great way to boost or maintain your search engine rankings.

How Often Should I Blog?

Deciding how often you should update your blog is going to be dependent to the type of business you have and the resources you have available. If search engine rankings are pivotal to your success, then you need to prioritise producing new content. If you have an e-commerce website, then attracting more visitors to your site will lead to more sales. If on the other hand, your website acts more like an online place holder, you may not feel the need to run a blog at all. You also need to think about how much time you or your team have available and how often you can realistically write new articles without neglecting other tasks. You may even decide to employ a content writer to publish articles for you. Whatever your situation, it’s important to your website users to keep your blog updated. We would suggest aiming for a minimum of one new article per month. If you have the ideas and time available, then you can opt for more frequent posts.

Why Do Companies Neglect Their Website Blogs?

None of us set out with the intention of neglecting website blogs. In the first few months, many website owners find it easy to produce regular articles on a variety of interesting topics. The downturn often starts when you have used up your best few ideas, or your attention gets diverted into other parts of the business. Before you know it, weeks and even months have gone by and all momentum has been lost. It’s easy to see why so many small business website blogs fail to keep up the initial flurry of activity. But what will your customers and prospects think when they see your blog has been left redundant?

Keeping Your Website Blog Alive

If your blog is being neglected, then don’t despair! We have a number of strategies to help you breathe new life into it. Firstly, if you have colleagues, then think about who else would be able to write blog articles as well. Sharing the load will mean you have to write fewer articles yourself and can often help momentum as you collaborate as a team. Secondly, make sure you have a clear purpose for your website’s blog. Think about what you want to achieve through the blog and make sure all articles fit this goal. You may find it helpful to group articles into a handful of categories and then focus on writing more on these subjects. Thirdly, if you are short of ideas for new articles, gather some colleagues, customers, or friends and brainstorm ideas for new content. Think about questions customers may have or information you could share that relates to your products. You may also want to write seasonal posts or comment on news or trends within your industry. Make a long list of ideas and prioritise these so you write the best articles first. You can then keep adding to your list as new ideas come up. Lastly, think about creating a content schedule. This could help you keep track of who is writing which articles when, spacing out your posts, and making sure you write a variety of articles on all your blog categories. It’s even better if you can have articles written ahead of schedule so you always have content in hand if you suddenly hit a period when you are too busy to write.

So, in conclusion, we hope you understand the benefits of having a website blog. If you follow the strategies that we have outlined you will find it easier to keep your blog updated and you should reap the rewards of more visitors, more user engagement, and higher search engine rankings.

A Fresh Approach to Blog Writing

At FreshOnline we believe all small business websites would benefit from having a blog. Our team of SEO experts can help you research relevant keywords, create blog categories, write, and optimise online content to target higher rankings. If you have any questions, please get in contact with the team.