The Importance of Good Copywriting

The Importance of Good Copywriting

If you’ve got poorly written content, your customers and readers will be thinking ‘what a waste of time’! We explore the importance of good copywriting.

Have you ever started a book with high expectations only to give up on it part-way through thinking ‘what a waste of time’? If you’ve got poorly written content on your website, that’s how your customers will feel.

Your online representation, whether that’s your website, your Facebook page or your Instagram account, is like the front cover to your business. Imagine you’re standing outside of a shop that has an outstanding and well-designed window display, so you walk in, but everything inside is extremely poor quality and not at all what you expected.

A beautifully designed website and stunning visual content is nothing if the copywriting isn’t of equal, if not a higher, standard. So, what precisely is copywriting, and how will it elevate your business?

What is copywriting?

A broad definition is that a copywriter will create persuasive written material in order to advertise or publicise something; whether that’s a business, product or service.

However, these days it goes further than that. With inbound content marketing forging the backbone of digital marketing strategies, your content is front and centre of your business’s online visibility.

This means copywriting is everywhere; call to actions, email marketing, the writing on your website – everything.

However, just because the words serve a purpose, and we call it copy, doesn’t necessarily make it good.

So, what is the importance of good copywriting?

Reputation, reliability, ROI.

The way you present your brand is everything. The likelihood that a blog post written within 10 minutes will be engaging and high quality is pretty low, if not inconceivable.

If potential customers come to your site and your content is littered with errors and boring, poorly structured copy, then the chances of them coming back, or trusting your brand will drop dramatically.

The most important thing about your content is that it needs to be of high quality. By prioritising content that is of the highest standards you are putting the reputation of your brand first, ensuring that it is synonymous with excellence.

By showing that you don’t compromise on quality, your customers are more likely to trust your brand and associate this quality with your products or services. Over time, this builds your brand’s reliability and establishes a relationship with your customers who are more likely to recommend you and return to do more business.

This will inevitably impact the return on investment – or ROI. While there are many ways to track your ROI throughout your overall digital marketing strategy, excellent copywriting will always deliver – without it, your reputation, reliability and ROI (even if that investment is simply time) are at stake.

But that’s not all, there’s more…

Search engine optimisation (SEO) copywriting.

While there is a range of considerations when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation, it is vital to ensure that your copywriting has been written with SEO in mind. While copywriters may not also establish themselves as SEO experts, the best ones will have an understanding of basic SEO and keywords and use this to optimise your content.

This will contribute to your overall digital marketing and SEO strategy, which is a continuous and long-term undertaking.

While there are hundreds of factors when it comes to optimising your content, you may have come across the terms link development, or link building. This is just one example of how your copywriter will implement SEO strategies – in fact, we have several tips to Boost your SEO with Great Content.

When done well, it will improve the quality and quantity of the traffic on your site, while increasing your potential for showing up on organic search results.

Who needs copywriting?

The bottom line is if you’re trying to sell something, then you need copywriting. Many make the mistake of viewing copywriters as creatives quick with a pen and a pun – it’s simply not true – at least it’s not the whole picture.

A good copywriter is a salesperson, using carefully selected words to sell your brand, products or services. This means you’re not paying for long, fancy words or an overused thesaurus, but someone who will carefully craft copy designed to sell, represent and build.

This involves swift, extensive research, compelling ideas and information comprised within a solid framework that can be shared with your customers.

Your online content is the medium which your business expresses its authority within your given sector – so excellent copywriting is crucial.

The difference between a blogger and a copywriter.

Don’t be fooled. While part of your content marketing strategy should involve blog posts, there is a stark contrast between a blogger and a copywriter.

There is a difference between someone who whips up a well-written and well-structured cooking blog to a copywriter well versed in the art of persuasion. A copywriter will have an understanding of advertising, conversion strategy and SEO while also having the knowledge of the best blogging techniques.

While that brownie recipe may be preceded with an exceptionally compelling introduction on the history of cakes, your copywriting will be optimised to sell your products or services effectively and strategically.

What happens if copywriting is rubbish?

This tends to be a danger when busy business owners with better things to do try to overstretch themselves. Rushed, underthought content cluttered with errors will damage your brand’s reputation, reduce traffic and, over time, impair your reliability.

Under-researched content will suffer from false information, assumptions to plug the knowledge gap and will confuse your customers. Poorly-proofed writing will detract from your message, reduce the reader’s respect and result in loss of attention.

To top, poorly written content can hurt your SEO and ruin those hard-earned rankings. In short, it’s not good.

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