10 Ways to Pimp Your Company Facebook Page

10 Ways to Pimp Your Company Facebook Page

Are you getting the most out of your Facebook marketing? We explore 10 ways to pimp your company Facebook page for maximum engagement.

A company Facebook page can be essential for any business, big or small. Many customers may rely on a well-utilised and up-to-date Facebook page to stay updated on the company’s latest offers, events and times. However, many companies don’t realise they can optimise their Facebook page to maximise effectiveness, providing unmissable opportunities. Here are 10 effective ways you can improve your Facebook page and improve your overall engagements.

Update your page template.

One straightforward but effective way of instantly improving your Facebook page is updating or changing your page’s template. To do this, click onto your page, and select the ‘settings’ button which can be found in the top right-hand corner, underneath your notifications.

Once you have selected this, there will be a list of options you can choose from by clicking on ‘Templates and tabs’. Here you can change the template you have, and choose one that better suits your page’s needs. You can even edit the tabs that show up, although Facebook offers a default recommendation.

Create an eye-catching cover photo or video.

Having a cover photo that makes an immediate and lasting impression can be the difference between connecting and making a sale, and losing them altogether. Facebook offers the option between a video and a cover photo – you can choose whichever one you feel is more appropriate for your business, service or product.

Your design wants to aim to showcase your company effectively. Your cover photo could include the promotion of a new service you’re providing, a unique offer you’re launching, or maybe even an event you’re hosting – the decision is yours.

Choose the right call to action button.

If you haven’t already got a call-to-action button, then that’s probably one of the first things you should look at. If someone is interested in your product/service, you’ll want to convert their interest into a sale as fluidly as possible. A ‘call-to-action’ button will be one of the key methods of making that happen.

There are plenty of buttons to choose from, but how do you know which one is right for you? Please take a look at each button individually and carefully contemplate whether it fits exactly what you’re trying to achieve. Think about where it’s linking to – are you promoting an event, or simply directing them to your ‘contact’ page? Choose the most appropriate call-to-action based on what you’re promoting, and ensure you’ve inserted the correct link. You can check this by selecting the ‘test button’ as you hover over it.

Showcase your products and services.

There’s probably nothing worse than having a business page that is sparse and lacking content. After all, people like to see a wealth of content to assure themselves that they’re dealing with an established company or business. A fantastic way of ensuring you have enough content for your page is by coming up with new and innovative ways of showcasing your products and services. Show off what you do, and people will come to you.

Collecting online recommendations & reviews.

Naturally, business owners will say great things about themselves, but what if someone else says it for you? If you have happy customers, or people pleased with the service you have provided – encourage them to leave a review on your Facebook page. Naturally, positive feedback is likely to encourage more people to use your business.

This takes time, and you’ll need to remind and encourage your customers to leave a review on your page. If you have a delighted customer, hopefully, they’ll leave a review without being prompted. This could set the boundaries for your online business reputation, and make a real difference to growing your business.

Utilising events to drive traffic.

Hosting an event is a brilliant way of exposing your business to new customers and piquing people’s interest in a new way. Facebook has released an app called ‘Local’ that primarily promotes events, allowing users to create lists of the fantastic places around them they want to visit.

By branching out in this way, you’re then able to promote and network your products and services to a wider clientele. For example, by generating interest in a quiz night, people who weren’t looking for your services now know you’re there, ready to provide them with the best service or product and with a familiar face.

Post more videos.

People love to consume visual content in bite-size portions that’s easy to take in. If you can create and post more video content, it can give your business a more personal view, encouraging your customers to get to know your brand better.

You don’t need to be a professional video editor to create and post video content. There are many apps and software that have made video-editing simple and easy-to-share. One of the best things about this these days is that sources suggest that 85% of Facebook users watch their videos on silent, meaning you should caption your videos and don’t have to rely on voicing a script.

Schedule your posts for optimal engagement.

One easy way of increasing engagement with your posts is by timing it right. There is an optimal time to post your content, so it ensures maximal engagement with your followers. To do this, you will need to gather information from Facebook insights.

If you go onto your business page and look in the top, you’ll see ‘insights’, click on this, and you’ll have all your statistics and information laid out for you. Select ‘posts’, and you’ll be shown ‘when your fans are online’, this will show you the peak time for activity and the best time to share. Schedule your content to post for this time to ensure you get the most reach.

Use paid adverts.

Once you’re happy you have everything else down, you can move on to using paid advertisements for your business. However, you can’t promote just anything; you need to ensure you’ve tailored and optimised your ad for the desired result.

Are you trying to encourage a sale, more link clicks, or maybe even a download? After you’ve identified your goal, it’s essential to narrow down your target audience, so your ad campaign effectively identifies and connects with them.

Use the Facebook pixel.

The Facebook Pixel is an essential tool for stepping up your ad-campaigns. With it, you’ll be able to track how effective your Facebook ad is and use it to optimise them in the future further. You access the pixel by selecting ‘Manage Ads’ on the drop-down on your top menu.

Create a pixel, give it a name, and then copy the code onto your webpages. This pixel will then help you track and visualise exactly what prospective customers are doing and help you re-analyse how you encourage them to follow through with your intended outcome.

A fresh approach to Facebook marketing.

Facebook remains the world’s most popular social media network. Having a well optimised Facebook business profile is a great way to get your business noticed. At FreshOnline, we offer a range of social media marketing and training services to help small businesses utilise Facebook and other social networks.