Video Marketing Ideas

Video Marketing Ideas

Video marketing has surged over the years. Take your digital marketing plans further by embracing the most popular form of media.

Over the years, video marketing has surged in popularity and has become the most popular form of media that consumers want to see from their favourite brands. With video dominating social media, particularly with emerging video platforms such as TikTok and Instagram’s push to video reels, video marketing needs to be a part of your overall digital marketing plan.

However, the idea of creating videos can be a daunting one if you haven’t done it before, but it doesn’t need to be. There are so many video creation and editing software, such as Adobe Spark and Canva, that are beginner-friendly and are made with busy business owners in mind.

Where to start with your video marketing?

If you’re new to video marketing, it can be tough to know where to start. Chances are, you have some excellent blog posts, social media content and other digital assets you can repurpose into a video.

Equally, coming up with new content and planning it from the start is an exciting way of enriching your other marketing ideas. When it comes to video, there are so many options available to you that it can be tough to know where to start. So, we have created a comprehensive list of tried and tested marketing videos to get you started.

Promotional videos.

The best place to start is, of course, by promoting your business. You can create two types of promotional videos, those that promote your products or services or brand videos that build awareness and brand affinity with potential customers.

The aim of these videos is primarily to make more people aware of your business and intrigue them into what it is you do. These would usually be a part of a larger campaign but are perfect to promote yourself, your business, share your mission statement and more.

Explainer videos.

While a promotional video may help increase brand awareness to potential customers, explainer videos help people to better understand why and how they need your product or service.

A typical way of showing this is by creating a character that represents your customer avatar and has them come against a struggle or challenge which only your product can solve. An explainer video will frame your product or service as just the solution your customers need.


What is a better way to promote your business than to show the excellent reviews that happy customers have left? Testimonial videos are simple to create and don’t take too long to put together. This means they’re a great option when you’re looking to do something without it taking too long while framing your business positively with prospective customers.


Collaborating with other experts within your field is a fantastic way of building your authority and expanding your reach with your target audience. You will attract the audience of the expert you are interviewing while simultaneously providing value to your viewers.

Whether you’re taking a deep dive into a specialist subject or getting an expert view on a topic, interviews are an excellent collaborative way of promoting your business, building your digital assets and building trust with your brand.


You could take things to the next level by starting a webinar series. If you’re ready to provide your expert knowledge to a web audience, webinars are an excellent way to increase brand awareness and even discover and create new business relationships.

By educating and connecting in a more personable way, you frame your business as the go-to place for the answer to your audience’s problems. If they have a question, they will now use your business, webinar and materials as a resource. There is a range of online platforms that can be used to host webinars such as Zoom and Adobe Connect.

Instructional videos.

While webinars are an excellent way of creating a more personal connection with your customers, instructional videos can be made more widely available and referred back to. Instructional videos will educate your customers but also can be used as a helpful resource for your business.

This can be done if you have any frequently asked questions or recurring issues that could be solved with a helpful instructional video. These could be used as lead magnets, as part of an information pack, or shared as part of your content marketing plan.

Live videos.

While it is essential to consider your brand image, customers love to see authenticity coming from their favourite brands, and an excellent way of doing that is by occasionally going live. You could show off our behind-the-scenes process or simply show off a more candid version of your business operations.

Live videos retain higher engagement rates than on-demand videos, with an audience watching for longer, sending in live questions and reactions. Your brand then becomes front and centre to the viewers, building brand awareness and affinity.


Why not get creative? Time-lapse can be used in a variety of ways and you can get as creative as you want! Time-lapse is specifically very good for showing a long process in a short space of time, whether it’s for informational or aesthetic purposes.

Relatively straightforward and easy to do, all you have to do is set up your mobile device to the camera’s time-lapse mode, point and shoot!

Event Videos.

Make the most of an event you’re hosting. Are you planning a fundraiser? Maybe a discussion about something important? You don’t have to record the whole thing, create a highlights reel and show off what your business is up to.

You could even show off some of the presentations, interviews and other key parts that you think would be great to share with your audience.

Things to consider when planning your video marketing.

Ensure that, for no matter which format you choose, you plan out your video from start to finish. Depending on the format we would recommend you create a script, of course, if you’re taking questions live then this may not be possible, but it’s always good to keep some suggestions and prompts on the side if you need them.

Understand the equipment you’re using and consider the lighting and surroundings when you’re shooting your video. What is your backdrop? Is the setting professional or relaxed? The answers to these will set the tone of your video.

Once you have your footage, it will need editing. At this point you will need to choose music if you are having any, consider licensing, record a voiceover and consider subtitles. Not all of these features will be relevant for each video format.

Going that extra step.

Video marketing is essential these days and we understand not everyone has the time to plan and create video content. If you need a little help for that step in the right direction, get in touch with us at FreshOnline as we’d be happy to help.